Welcome to Murali Takalpati’s Blog

I started thisĀ blog to share my thoughts on technology and my experiences as Developer, Designer, Architect and Manager.

I have been working on Microsoft technologies all my working life, started out as a VB programmer, did some VC++ and moved to .NET around the time it was released. Have worked on several Web and Windows Applications. Highly interested in the Cloud and Web based Applications and Services.

Very keen on developing robust, high performant, secure applications and services. Enjoy every aspect of the development experience. From the time jQuery started getting popular, have worked on some highly complex solutions using jQuery, javascript and Ajax.

With Microsoft’s push towards jQuery, javascript and HTML5 to build native applications on Windows 8, I am looking forward to providing rich user experiences using these technologies now and in the future.

Please Like/Share any articles you read and like. I am not getting paid for blogging, it is a personal interest to share my experiences to help people looking for related information out there.

I will make sure to respond to any commments, feedback or suggestions, so please feel free to ping with questions, feedback or suggestions.